Facebook Ads Management Services

What is a Facebook Advertising Agency & Why Do You Need One?

Facebook ads is the platform where advertiser are charged on clicks, impressions or actions. Facebook advertising has a rapid growth over the year and ranking more above Google ads and traditional advertising, because this social media platform where more and people come and share their information through text, images and videos.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with around 2.80 billion monthly active users and the number of users is increasing day by day. It is a social network that allows its users to sign-up free accounts, connect with friends, colleagues, family or even strangers. People can share and upload pictures, videos, posts, personal opinions and articles with all the users where the audience can be decided with ease. People use Facebook to connect with friends and family and discover new products and services.

Facebook is the largest social media platform that can prove to be a great opportunity for brands to engage the audience, build awareness and reputation. Almost 80% of the internet users spend their great deal of time on Facebook daily, this means that your target audience is just a few steps away from being your customer.

How Does Thundersoftglobal Facebook Ads Management Works?

Thundersoftglobal  is your one-in-all stop for the marketing solutions, as we are the best social media marketing agency in India, our services assure that your brand gets the best possible publicity. Our Facebook advertising strategy is an ultimate blend of all the tools and tactics that can set your sales on fire. We make sure that the ads drive traffic to your website and take your sales to the next level. We have 360-degree Facebook advertising strategy to help your business grow with facebook advertising.

The amount of data Facebook has on user demographics, interests, activities and shopping preferences no other website has data in comparison to facebook. Facebook allows customer targeting options that enable a business to find any category of users, might it be a large, small, or niche audience. These benefits are accompanied by complexities and to gain the maximum throughput from a Facebook advertising campaign your business needs experienced and skills minds and this is where our expertise is there.

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